Fully Certified 100% Fine Fescue Blend (50% chewings/50% creeping red).

Irrigated, weed free and treated for Grass grub,Porina and Argentine Stemweavil.

Fescue is the best “All round performer”. The best cool season grass to suit Canterbury’s climate and grows well on almost all types of soil. It gives the best appearance all year round with minimum maintenance.

  • Performs well in full sun or shade
  • Ideal for non irrigated areas
  • Slower growing than most other grasses
  • Improved wear tolerance
  • Excellent drought tolerance
  • Low fertilizer input
  • Fine leaf texture

Nursery & Harvesting

We grow on free draining soil which allows turf to be harvested all year round. We harvest and roll your turf on the day of delivery/collection to minimize plant stress. Our grass will be a minimum of 10 months old before harvesting ensuring a mature and healthy canopy and root zone.

Dimensions & Weight

450mm x 2.2m (Appox 1 sq mtr)
20-25mm thick
15-20 kgs per roll (depending on moisture content)
An average flat deck Ute holds up to 40 sq mtrs.
Please allow twin axle trailers for large loads.(Delivery options available).